• Get a FREE actual and accurate value of your car

  • Get a FREE actual and accurate value of your car

  • Get a FREE actual and accurate value of your car

About Us

ValueYourCar.co.za is a FREE book value calculator designed to give you an ACCURATE value of your car, using TRIED & TRUSTED guidelines.

Value Your Car

Anna Urszula Ptasinski

" I strongly believe that a good, loyal work force is what makes a good strong team & at Value Your Car you are one of the best in the business!! Thank you for purchasing my vehicle at such a great deal. I know that I wouldn't have got such a great deal at any dealer in Gauteng." Toyota RunX

David Doohle Glickman

"This was really something amazing- SA customers experience at its best. I drove in, they deposited the money for my car which took a few hours to clear. They trusted me to drive the car home while the money cleared and then picked it up the following da. No hassle and the best part was they gave me more than double what the dealership was offering on a trade in. you know it's good when the comp[any We Buy cars tells you over the phone that you should take valueyourcars deal because they can't beat it. Excellent experience from online valuation to sale - literally 24  hours. I am always so suspicious of car-related business where you are being scammed. This is an example of honest good fair SA entrepreneurship."

Tamsyn Meyer

"what incredible service from Value Your Car. From our initial interaction to payment of the car - the service was faultless! I definitely feel I Got fair value for my car and would highly recommend this company if you are considering selling your car! Thank you once again for your incredible service it was pleasure doing business with you!"